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Flovel's design centre is equipped with state of the art virtual design (3D environment) for design, simulation and analysis of the complete product range. These CAD/ CAE tools ensure faster delivery, accurate and better quality of design.

Using the CAD/ CAE tools virtual assembly, motion, critical speed and stress analysis is carried out which ensures design compatibility for manufacturing and performance at site.

The design deliverable are compatible with CAM tools i.e. manufacturing the components using CNC Machines. The design environment also facilitates Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis, which is carried out for development and performance improvement of turbines.


The Finite element method (FEM) is a numerical technique for calculating the stresses, strains and deflections in components of a hydraulic turbine.


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) enables us to accurately predict flow characteristics. CFD is used to improve hydraulic design of turbine components, including the runner and static components. For renovation projects CFD is a very important tool for improving turbine output, efficiency and cavitation characteristics.


Should the customer require a model test to be performed, Flovel is equipped to have a model test conducted at an accredited / independent model testing laboratory.