Renovation, Modernization & Uprating (RMU)
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Renovation, Modernization and Uprating (RMU) has been recognized world over as a well proven cost effective technique for improving the performance, efficiency and reliability of old Hydro Power Plants.

The performance, efficiency and reliability of generating sets in a Hydro Power Plant deteriorate over a period of time. The output, efficiency and reliability of generating units can be increased by replacing old or damaged components by redesigning water passages/ improving mechanical design to increase efficiency and reliability.

Owing to extensive experience of Flovel in the Hydro Power Industry, Flovel is ideally placed to offer Clients its customized solutions for Renovation, Modernization and Uprating of existing Hydro Power Plants.

Flovel is well equipped to undertake the following RMU activities:

  • Activities covering main equipment i.e. turbine, generator, C&I equipment and other plant equipment essential for efficient and sustained performance of the units.
  • Prioritization of activities which have direct impact on improvement of generation, efficiency, machine availability etc.
  • Analysis with respect to design aspects which will yield up-rating of units like rewinding of Generator with Class Finsulation.
  • Supplying new runners with improved profile.
  • Replacing old governors with modernized fast acting digital governing systems.
  • Replacing and supplying state of the art equipment such as, digital static excitation system, numerical relays with self diagnostic features, on line monitoring devices, water level and discharge measuring devices, etc.