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Power Generation Optimization (PGO) is a “SCADA” solution developed by FLOVEL to control the machines, which helps to increase the overall efficiency of the power plant. Major function of PGO is served to monitor the plant statics from remote station (PGO Desk). It also includes plant online data monitoring with trends & historian functions. Further, optimization of power generation in hydro plants is carried out via PGO regulation. PGO solution is used for monitoring of power plant generation and peak operation without operator interference. Loss of generation due to human error will be nullified with software control regulation. Unit operation sequence shall be controlled on the basis of time & water availability via PGO. This system runs on standard Personal Computers, using Microsoft’s latest operating system.

Currently the cost of conventional SCADA solutions are fairly high for small hydro plants, where PGO serves the purpose of SCADA as well as provide various inbuilt features like Historian, Data Logging, Monitoring, Trends, Email Reporting, SMS Service, Chatbot and Virtual monitoring.


FLOVEL name has been synonymous with the hydro power sector for over four decades. FLOVEL is a full-line supplier of electromechanical equipment and services for small and medium size hydro power plants manufacturer of hydraulic turbines, valves and turnkey supplier of electro mechanical packages for hydro power projects and ranks amongst the leading players globally. FLOVEL manufacturers complete range of Pelton, Francis, Kaplan, Axial Flow turbines and Valves for hydropower projects. The strength of FLOVEL is in its ability to offer all-inclusive solutions (Electro Mechanical-Turnkey Packages).


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