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Chinnar SHEP – Model Test

This article aims to describe the model testing carried out at Hydraulic Turbine R&D Laboratory, IIT Roorkee, India, for the Chinnar Project. HT R&D is one and only hydraulic laboratory in India for measurement of hydraulic turbine characteristics performed according to international standard IEC 60193.

About the Project
The Chinnar SHEP is owned by Kerala State Electricity Board Limited (KSEBL), located in Idukki District of Kerala, India.
The supply is equipped with 2 units Francis Vertical machines, running at synchronous speed of 750 rpm, operating under rated net head of 258 m. The rated turbine output is 12.000 kW.

Model Design and Model Manufacturing
The model was designed at FLOVEL´s Design Centre.
All turbine model components were manufactured at our Manufacturing Plant, except for Francis runner (D=320 mm) which was manufactured by CNCTVAR, Czech Republic, out of a forged monobloc.
The spiral casing was manufactured out of a casting with high precision CNC milling of water ways.
All components were finally inspected using modern CMM technology.

Entire model was transported to Entire model was transported to HT R&D Laboratory in Roorkee. The model assembly was completed at early in August 2023. Laboratory in Roorkee. The model assembly was completed at early in August 2023.

Model Test
A homologous model acceptance test as per IEC 60193 was conducted to verify the hydraulic performance guarantees.
The main hydraulic performance characteristics in regards of efficiency, power output, cavitation and runaway speed have been tested preliminary. The tests were performed during the period of August-September 2023. KSBEL attended the witnessed part of the model test performed on the second week of September 2023. All test results were compiled in a final report. Additional measurements in accordance with the model test procedure, such as wicket gate torque, were completed in sequence and the test report was provided to Customer for approval.

Observations and Conclusions
After the completion of model test for Chinnar SHEP, the hydraulic design validation was done based on the observation that:

  • A witnessed model test has been performed where hydraulic efficiency, power output, runaway speed and cavitation performance have been compared with the guaranteed values given in the contract.
  • The results showed that the power and efficiency at each guaranteed point and the guaranteed weighted average efficiency was fulfilled.
  • The results also showed that the maximum measured steady state runaway speed is lower than the guaranteed value.
  • Considering that the prototype turbine is manufactured to the designer’s high-quality standards and based on model geometry, and that the turbine operates strictly within the design operating range, the cavitation observed during the tests would not exceed the guaranteed value.
  • KSEBL accepted the model test results and approved for further manufacturing of the prototype turbine.


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