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Average Age of 32

The average age of the FLOVEL staff is 32 years. What is behind this number? We talked to five of the 330+ employees.

The world workforce is getting older in USA and Europe and younger in countries like India. But what is better: young employees or older employees? The answer is simple: both. Companies with more diverse workforces are more innovative. Mixed teams perform best. This is the result of a study (“Age Diversity and Innovation: Do mixed teams of ‘old and experienced’ and ‘young and restless’ employees foster companies’ innovativeness?”) by the German Economic Institute. In the US the average age of employees in engines, turbines, and power transmission equipment manufacturing is 43,6 years. The median age of IBM staff is 38. FLOVEL staff is more than six years younger. But the average age of Facebook employees is only 28. Hannes Michael Kneissler talked to FLOVEL employees from different age groups.

The promoter

Maharaj Kar, 69, Chairman, was a promoter of the company 47 years ago.

What did you do when you were 32 years old?
Maharaj Kar: I was 32 years old in 1982. The big dreams then were to introduce low head turbines into the Indian market for which we started exploring technology partners in Europe. Further, we started participating in the higher output small hydro projects to broaden our range. Our efforts with the Government of India agencies to push for the concept of small hydro projects were also stepped up which eventually succeeded about a decade later.

What was the biggest FLOVEL crisis you had to deal with?
Maharaj Kar: I would say that the restart of business after separation from JV Partner VA Tech in 2007 has been the most interesting experience to have.

How has FLOVEL evolved over the last 32 years?
Maharaj Kar: It has evolved as a well recognized and respected Company Globally as a Small & Medium hydro power turnkey supplier.

Where will FLOVEL be in 32 years?
Maharaj Kar: I do believe that it will do well as the fundamentals are good and strong.

Why is the average age at FLOVEL so young?
Maharaj Kar: Being an old Company the older co-workers have superannuated. Further FLOVEL has also been a source of building up the careers of good well trained personnel on a regular basis who have been headhunted by our global competitors and have been replaced by younger personnel at middle & lower cadres.

The visionary

Gautam Kar, 42, Managing Director, will lead FLOVEL into the future.

What did you do when you were 32 years old?
Gautam Kar: When I was 32 my main focus areas was technology development and market expansion mainly to Southeast Asian region.

How has FLOVEL evolved over the last 32 years?
Gautam Kar: FLOVEL has transformed from a regional player to an aspiring international player.

Where will FLOVEL be in 32 years?
Gautam Kar: FLOVEL will be the largest Small Hydro Company in the world. FLOVEL’s vision is to be a technology leader and to be amongst the top hydropower equipment manufacturers globally and to be the most respected brand.

Why is the average age at FLOVEL so young?
Gautam Kar: FLOVEL has consciously invested in young people trained them and provided a challenging platform to perform and prove their abilities.

The passionate

Sanjeev Talwar, 58, Executive Director, has been with FLOVEL for 29 years.

What did you do when you were 32 years old?
Sanjeev Talwar: I was working with FLOVEL. Was married and had two Sons.

How did you come to FLOVEL?
Sanjeev Talwar: I met Mr. Maharaj Kar in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh where we both had gone for a meeting for a tender from our respective companies. We travelled back to Delhi in the same train after the meeting and started talking. Mr. Kar, who was Joint Managing Director of FLOVEL at that time, was looking for a person for FLOVEL with similar qualifications and job requirements and asked me if I was interested. I agreed. He sent me an offer letter couple of days after we reached back which I accepted and joined FLOVEL on 21st April 1991.

How was your day yesterday?
Sanjeev Talwar: Yesterday was quite different. FLOVEL HR team had organized a musical evening where many of FLOVEL staff sang some old Hindi Movie songs along with musical instruments and we had great fun.

How has FLOVEL evolved over the last 32 years?
Sanjeev Talwar: FLOVEL has changed from a family run to a professionally run company. Heads of various departments are given free hand to operate with minimum interference from the Management. FLOVEL has become a known name not only in India but in many countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, Turkey, Nepal, Laos, etc. … FLOVEL has gained a reputation and is respected in all countries it operates for its timely execution, quality products and excellent after sales service at correct price. FLOVEL employees work like a family and work with passion.

Why should young people apply to FLOVEL?
Sanjeev Talwar: FLOVEL has great pool of Knowledge and gives ample opportunities to young people to grow and make career. If you want to learn and do challenging jobs and also grow FLOVEL is a good platform.

The Kaplan lady

Shruti Goyal, 26, senior engineer, joined FLOVEL three years ago.

What exactly is your job?
Shruti Goyal: I am responsible for the Basic Design of Francis, Pelton & Kaplan Turbine.

What was your most interesting experience at FLOVEL?
Shruti Goyal: I always wanted to work in Kaplan Turbine which is supposed to be the most typical Turbine Design. I was assigned with a Kaplan Turbine project; I think that was the most interesting experience for me.

Why should young people apply to FLOVEL?
Shruti Goyal: They can learn things from basic level to higher. As in FLOVEL we are made responsible for the work which is assigned to us.

The average

Sabyasachi Roy, 32, Deputy Manager Sales & Marketing, is exactly as old as the average of all FLOVEL employees.

How was your first working day at FLOVEL?
Sabyasachi Roy: I joined FLOVEL on 12.10.15. I was quite excited that day since I shifted myself permanently from my hometown to the capital of India. My father also came with me to assist me in shifting and settling down in a new city. My first day actually marked my first step towards a completely different corporate world where job responsibilities are streamlined with individual growth and development through intense learning.

What was your most interesting experience at FLOVEL?
Sabyasachi Roy: Around the middle of 2018, I suddenly encountered with the entire responsibility of finalizing a tender from bid submission stage to query clarification, followed by technical and contract discussions and finally signing the order. This project was of immense importance for the company to add another mark to its milestone. Undeniably it was indeed a challenge for me as it was the first time, I had to deal with a client all alone through all the stages. Honestly speaking, I was initially nervous to deal with one of the biggest responsibilities, but as the stages went on, my confidence improved while refining my technical and commercial competency.

Why should young people apply to FLOVEL?
Sabyasachi Roy: The aura that prevails in FLOVEL is highly energetic with healthy challenges and competitions to test the professional and personal skills of budding professionals. The company provides a perfect platform with limitless opportunities and diverse experiences to sketch the path from basic learning to highly advanced managerial expertise while making positive contribution towards the amelioration of the organization.


FLOVEL name has been synonymous with the hydro power sector for over four decades. FLOVEL is a full-line supplier of electromechanical equipment and services for small and medium size hydro power plants manufacturer of hydraulic turbines, valves and turnkey supplier of electro mechanical packages for hydro power projects and ranks amongst the leading players globally. FLOVEL manufacturers complete range of Pelton, Francis, Kaplan, Axial Flow turbines and Valves for hydropower projects. The strength of FLOVEL is in its ability to offer all-inclusive solutions (Electro Mechanical-Turnkey Packages).


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