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Evaluation of uncertainty in flow and performance parameters in Francis Turbine Test Rig.

Prediction and analysis of the cavitation performance of a Francis Turbine under different loads.

Regulation Valves
These valves are special devices designed for regulating Pressure and Flow Rate of water. The valves used for this purpose are commonly known as ‘PRV’.

This article aims at describing the special application of electrical actuators in the Francis turbine for the OMOKAWA Project. OMOKAWA is owned by Yamanashi …

Nilwande Project 
The NILWANDE HPP is equipped with two (2) units of Kaplan machines running at synchronous speed of 428.6 rpm, operating under rated net head of 38.5 m.

Power Generation Optimization (PGO) is a “SCADA” solution developed by FLOVEL to control the machines, which helps to increase the overall efficiency …

PGO Desk
PGO Desk is an extension development on PGO. PGO Desk can be utilized by customers in their office. It helps with real time monitoring of plant data …

Gateway Solution
It is a “Gateway Solution” developed by FLOVEL to communicate with “Load Dispatch Centre (LDC)”. This solution can be used worldwide, where load dispatch centre …

3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
FLOVEL is committed with faster gestation period of projects and we can deliver the equipment design and specifications in a very short schedule. To make it possible …

Finite Element Method (FEM)
Safety and reliability of our equipment comes first. That is why FLOVEL’s Design & Engineering use the Finite Element Method (FEM) tools for calculating stresses …

Bearing Calculation Software
FLOVEL’s Design & Engineering team is equipped with Dyrobes’ BePerf bearing calculation software.
Read more about this software and make up your own mind.

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