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Chinnar Project, Kerala (actual turbine output 2 x 12,000 kW)

Technological excellence is the core of FLOVEL and over the years we have invested in capabilities that deliver the best in class, high performance turbines. Model test is one such capability which lets a customer test out (if needed) the efficiency of the turbine before the start of the actual turbine components’ manufacturing.

One such model is under final manufacturing stage in our workshop for the Chinnar Project. FLOVEL received the order for Chinnar Project in the last financial year. The order included verification of efficiencies of the prototype turbine through model testing. Post order a special hydraulic design was developed in our Design Center with the help of #CFD tools and a model turbine was manufactured at FLOVEL’s manufacturing facility as per the design. Below are a few photographs of the model turbine that is being sent to the Model Testing Lab for detailed measurement and analysis.

About the model test: The model testing is being arranged at the Hydraulic Turbine R&D Laboratory, HRED, IIT Roorkee. This is one and only hydraulic lab for measurement of hydraulic turbine characteristics in India.

Model test is performed according to international standard IEC 60193, which is the worldwide accepted guideline that assures credibility of results. It allows the turbine designer to verify the complete operational range, under complex hydraulic phenomena, which cannot be anticipated so precisely by analytical calculations and computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The test results reproduce the conditions of the real hydroelectric plant, the so-called prototype machine.


FLOVEL name has been synonymous with the hydro power sector for over four decades. FLOVEL is a full-line supplier of electromechanical equipment and services for small and medium size hydro power plants manufacturer of hydraulic turbines, valves and turnkey supplier of electro mechanical packages for hydro power projects and ranks amongst the leading players globally. FLOVEL manufacturers complete range of Pelton, Francis, Kaplan, Axial Flow turbines and Valves for hydropower projects. The strength of FLOVEL is in its ability to offer all-inclusive solutions (Electro Mechanical-Turnkey Packages).


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