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Kalapa Nunggal HEP (2 x 1.55 MW) in West Java, Indonesia

We are glad to announce the successful commissioning of our Kalapa Nunggal HEP (2 x 1.55 MW) in West Java, Indonesia. The project was commissioned and synchronized to the grid in mid of December 2019. Accordingly, our Client PT. Bumi Powerindo has issued us “Taking over Certificate”.

This is FLOVEL’s seventh commissioned project in Indonesia and the third project which we have commissioned in this financial year (2019-20) in Indonesia.

Project Parameters:
Location: West Java, Indonesia
Number of Units: 2
Rated Head: 39 Meters
Power Installed: 2 x 1,559 kW
Type of Turbine: Horizontal Francis
Rated speed of Turbine: 750 RPM
Rated Generator Speed: 750 RPM


FLOVEL name has been synonymous with the hydro power sector for over four decades. FLOVEL is a full-line supplier of electromechanical equipment and services for small and medium size hydro power plants manufacturer of hydraulic turbines, valves and turnkey supplier of electro mechanical packages for hydro power projects and ranks amongst the leading players globally. FLOVEL manufacturers complete range of Pelton, Francis, Kaplan, Axial Flow turbines and Valves for hydropower projects. The strength of FLOVEL is in its ability to offer all-inclusive solutions (Electro Mechanical-Turnkey Packages).


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