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These valves are special devices designed for regulating Pressure and Flow Rate of water. The valves used for this purpose are commonly known as ‘PRV’.

PRV is a control valve, where ‘R’ stands for Reducing/Regulating/Relief, simultaneously performing these functions based upon application.

» Pressure Reducing Valve - for energy dissipation at the outlet.
» Pressure Regulating Valve – for flow regulation based upon requirement.
» Pressure Relief Valve – for safety relief by limiting Pressure rise in the system.
When a PRV is needed, its design must fulfill the following criteria:

» Noise level must not be hazardous for the people working in the power station.
» Valve must dissipate a large amount of energy in the water, not to cause problem at downstream.
» When the valve opens water flow must not be dangerous for both personal and structures.
» In bypass PRV is used in end of line solution for energy dissipation and flow regulation.
» In turbine transient regulation PRV is used as a safety device with simultaneous functioning of flow regulation and energy dissipation.
» Conical Jet Valve (CJV)
» Plunger Valve (PLV)
» Slide Valve (SLV)
» Needle type Valve

Conical Jet Valve

CJV are used as free discharge devices in pressure piping systems.

Advantages on Conical Jet valve:

  • More cost effective
  • Lower maintenance
  • Adaptable to manual, hydraulic and electric actuators.
  • Dissipates enormous energy by breaking up discharge water into large hollow jet.
Controls and dissipates enormous amount of energy by breaking up the discharge water into a large hollow expending jet. Suitable for submerged application.
Similar to fixed cone type it has an external hood that concentrates the discharge spray into a jet. Not suitable for high heads and submerged applications.

Plunger Valve

Plunger Valve is a type of control valve with annular flow cross-section for continuous regulations at high pressure differences and flow rates.
PLV plunger valves are used as shut-off and regulating devices in pressure pipe systems.

Advantages on Plunger Valve:

  • Suitable for high pressures.
  • Adaptable to manual, hydraulic and electric actuators.
  • Valve with counterweight acts as a safety device and ensures fail safe opening.
  • Longer service life as bearings are not in contact with medium.
  • One-piece compact body design.

Types of Plunger Valve

It has a sudden enlargement of cross-section area at the seat and is suitable for regulating flow where enough back pressure is present.
Suitable to regulate/control water with suspended solid particles and prevention of cavitation in case of high-pressure difference.
Suitable to regulate/control flow and prevention of cavitation in case of high-pressure difference

Slide/Sleeve Valve

Slide Valves are designed with a self-closing tendency. The opening is controlled hydraulically or by suitably designing it for its own medium.
SLV slide valves are used as shut-off devices in pressurized piping system.

Advantages on Slide Valve:

  • Suitable for high pressures.
  • Compact design.
  • Low head loss.
  • Lower maintenance and very long service life.
  • Low vibrations and sound levels.
  • Higher wear and corrosion resistance as complete valve is made of stainless steel.

Needle type Valve – synchronized application with turbine

It is a safety cum regulating device suitable for projects having Francis & Kaplan units in order to limit pressure rise and speed rise in permissible range.

Advantages on Needle type Valve:

  • Fail safe safety device, as mechanical / hydraulic linkages are used for synchronous operation with turbine.
  • Lesser noise and vibrations as water is discharged through large orifice cylinder.
  • Highly effective in energy dissipation/pressure reduction.
  • Highly effective in flow regulation as per the control requirement of turbine transient.

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