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PEDA Projects

PEDA Projects, as they are collectively known, is a group of 8 Plants; 4 each on 2 Canals namely Abohar Branch Canal (ABC) and Bathinda Branch Canal (BBC). Each Plant has 2 Semi Kaplan Turbines on ABC and 2 Full Kaplan Turbines on BBC for which the Renovation and Modernization works was awarded to FLOVEL totalling to 16 Units.

Although some plants were running for generation, they were in very bad shape due to poor operation and maintenance conditions.

Chupki and Narangwal MHP of ABC were first handed over to FLOVEL for renovation, as they were under shut down for a very long time more than 3 years.

It was really a challenge to do reverse engineering of the equipment as most of the critical parts were badly damaged beyond correct identification of critical inputs and no drawings/ design data was available for them as they were too old. Dismantling of the components was the first thing we started with, which proved quite challenging for us. It took a long time for dismantling, dimensioning, reverse engineering, detailed engineering and drawing preparation against our anticipated schedule. Our Erection Team at site, along with Design and Engineering Team made special efforts for the same which lasted for months.

Contrary to Green field projects where new equipment are installed with much ease and flexibility, we had to refurbish the old equipment to suit the site conditions with many technical constraints within the contractual time limit. Finally, the hard work of our Mechanical and Electrical design teams as well as our Factory, along with our vendors and subcontractors resulted in successful refurbishment of the equipment.

The next task of erection of these equipment in the old plant with existing systems was very difficult as there were many compatibility issues. The relentless hard work of Erection team at site made it possible and further our Electrical Engineers took charge for commissioning of these plants with the old Switchyard equipment. With many hurdles on the way for so many reasons and in adverse climatic conditions of flood like situation, we successfully synchronized both the plants in the month of August, 2019 which are running up to full load since then.

The customer, Punjab Genco Ltd. is happy and delighted to see the new face and performance of their old plants.


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