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Power Summit 2019

21st to 22nd November 2019, Kathmandu, Nepal

Independent Power Producers’ Association, Nepal (IPPAN) is hosting the Power Summit 2019 in Kathmandu from November 21-22, 2019. In this context, the Power Summit 2019 has chosen the theme of “Powering the Asian Century”.

Government of Nepal has prioritized energy sector as a key driver for meeting the government’s slogan of “Prosperous Nepal – Happy Nepali”. With the declaration of the new Constitution in 2015 and successful elections for all levels of governments, Nepal now enjoys political stability, enabling the government to pursue policies conducive for energy development. The government has set a generation target of 15,000 MW in the next ten years and aims to make the country energy secure. Further, we see opportunities for regional connectivity allowing for energy trading. Aer many years of facing energy shortage, Nepal is presently well on its way to be an energy surplus nation in the coming year. Projects with over 2,500 MW capacity are under construction, and 2,900 MW capacity projects are ready for construction. Similarly, projects with about 18,000 MW capacity are under study. Further, with high capacity interconnection links with India, combined with the Government of India’s liberal policies for Cross Border Electricity Trade, regional energy trading is now a distinct possibility; energy banking is already a reality. Nepal and India are currently discussing further high capacity connectivity for bulk power trade and Bangladesh has expressed interest in purchasing power from Nepal, as well as for investing in Nepal’s hydropower.


The Program Agenda at a Glance

  • Cross Border Trade of Electricity, Policy, legal and regulatory framework, procedures, challenges to seamless trade
    • Case study of existing regional trade
    • Future scope and modalities of trade
    • Opportunities for Nepal in CBET, energy banking, seasonal trading, ROR/Solar mix etc.
    • Creating an Asian Power Pool
  • Transmission and Connectivity
    • Regional connectivity: what and how
    • Cross Border Transmission construction: economics and politics
    • Transmission operation as a business
    • Ongoing development and future prospects
  • Market for Nepal’s Energy: At home and abroad
    • Domestic Demand: Present Scenario; Policy Intervention for growth
    • Distribution expansion and growth in federal context
    • Electricity in the transport sector
    • How Nepal’s Hydro power and the Regional Grid
  • Experience Sharing
    • Developments on the ground: challenges & successes
  • Inclusive and Sustainable Power Sector
    • International standards and requirements
    • Energy security and energy mix
    • Resource sharing and benefit sharing in hydro projects
  • Financing Power Projects
    • Mobilizing finances for building 15,000MW
    • Challenges in mobilizing FDI
    • Local and regional resources available
  • Governing and Facilitating Energy Projects: Implications of Federalism
    • Resource sharing and conflicts between provinces
    • Benefits to provinces and local government
  • Electricity Market Regulations
    • System requirements and harmonization · Access to short term and long-term markets


MOU & Agreements Signed in the Power Summit 2019

  1. Letter of Exchange between HIDCL, Nepal and NHPC, India
  2. MOU between Indian Energy Exchange Ltd and Nepal Power Exchange Ltd for Power Trading between India and Nepal
  3. MOU between IFC and IPPAN for women empowerment in Hydro Sector
  4. Agreement between Deloitte and IPPAN for Knowledge Partnership.


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