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A successful journey to Vietnam

FLOVEL Group has ventured into Vietnam Hydro Market way back during years 1995–96. Since than FLOVEL have catered to Vietnam Market by supplying Top Quality Electro-mechanical Equipment and providing high class Professional services.

Consequent to FLOVEL’s proven track record of supplying quality equipment, providing professional services during every stage of Project execution, good relationship and hand holding with which FLOVEL supported their Clients post commissioning of Projects, FLOVEL is able to earn faith and confidence of many Hydro Project Owners in Vietnam.

As a result of this, FLOVEL has maintained its Market share among the top two Market share holding companies in Vietnam Hydro Market, during last 7 to 8 years. Following are the notable milestones which FLOVEL India have achieved during its successful journey in Vietnam Hydro Market.

Because of the excellent performance of running Projects with Equipment supplied by FLOVEL in Vietnam, FLOVEL’s Customers have developed great amount of faith and belief in FLOVEL’s Equipment and services. As a result of this Confidence of our Customers on FLOVEL, they have chosen FLOVEL for their subsequent Hydro Projects and thus, winning “Repeat Customers” have become one of the key ‘Feather in the Cap’ for FLOVEL in our Vietnam success story. A share of Clients giving repetitive business to FLOVEL is shown in the Chart below:

“FLOVEL was chosen against Other Equipment Brands because of its better price and their high commitment levels for small-hydro Projects. Heard about FLOVEL from my friends in the business. Feels FLOVEL act as a solution provider for your requirements and are more flexible in commercial terms.”
Mr. Le Thanh Nghi, Hung Hai Construction & Trading Joint Stock Company, Vietnam

“I was impressed after visiting their plant. Also visited Hydro Projects of FLOVEL’s customers. One can get good idea of their product by seeing the product, talking to operators. Some of them were working for more than 10 years. Plant operators said good things about the product and its reliability. FLOVEL has good management and hard working engineers.”
Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung, Truong Thanh Deconin Joint Stock Company

FLOVEL’s success in Vietnam Hydro Market can be testified by considerable share of its Business secured in Vietnam and large proportion of Projects successfully Completed, i.e. around 2/3rd of Projects secured, during last 12 years or so:

Projects Commissioned

01Ngoi Phat Expansion (1 x 12 MW + 10% COL)
02Nam Yen (2 x 5.0 MW + 10% COL)
03Bac Na (2 x 8.5 MW)
04Ngoi Hut 2A (2 x 4.2 MW + 10% COL)
05Nam Khau Hu (2 x 1.5 MW + 15% COL)
06Nam Thi 2 (2 x 4.0 MW)
07Hua Chang (2 x 5.1 MW + 6.5% COL)
08Noong Phai (2 x 10.6 MW + 10% COL)
09Khao Mang (2 x 15.0 MW)
10Khao Mang Thuong (2 x 12.25 MW)
11Nam Khanh (3 x 4.0 MW)
12Hong Dong A1 (2 x 4.2 MW)
13Suoi Sap 1 (2 x 10.5 MW)
14Ngoi Hut 2 (2 x 24.0 MW)
15Xoong Con (2 x 8.5 MW + 15% COL)
16Nam Chien 2 (2 x 16.0 MW)
17 Krong Pa 2 (2 x 7.5 MW + 20% COL)
18Alin B2 (2 x 10.0 MW + 15% COL)
19Nam Khot (2 x 5.5 MW)
20Nuoc Xang (2 x 6.25 MW + 15% COL)
21Yan Tann Sien (2 x 9.75 MW

Projects in Vietnam

In the success of FLOVEL in Vietnam, contribution of its Local Vietnamese Team based at Hanoi is commendable which helped FLOVEL to grow in its business with the passage of time and emerge as one of the Leaders in Hydro E&M Sector in Vietnam. In our intentions of working close with our Clients and ensuring a faster response during Business Development as well as Project execution, FLOVEL deputed two of its Engineer Professionals during 2016-2017 as permanent placement in Hanoi.

FLOVEL Vietnam Team Members

Entering into 2020, with its rich heritage of contributing around 45 Projects and Installed Capacity of 780 MW of Hydro Projects in Vietnam, FLOVEL is looking forward to further strengthen its presence in Vietnam Hydro Market and continue to supply high quality Hydro Equipment with latest Technology and providing professional ­services as Partners to Hydro Project Owners.


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